Cryptocurrency system, Piršto atspaudas

As a result, when we were hit with a pandemic, elections were cryptocurrency system or the results altered because many people did not want to vote in person, and could not vote digitally.

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I believe the main obstacles to voting digitally are verifying identity online and risk of hacking. Some countries already use secure digital identification systems for healthcare, banking, and taxes, so deploying that to every country in the EU would be a good first step.

Alternatively, online banks have gotten very good at confirming identities online, by checking passports and other IDs, and comparing photographs.

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If it is good enough for financial institutions, it should be good enough for democracy. Regarding the risk of hacking the elections, the solution may lie in blockchain technology.

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This type of decentralized system is able to securely verify all transactions in cryptocurrency markets, and applied to elections this could mean verifying that each vote comes from a citizen with voting rights. Just like cryptocurrency exchange platforms, european governments could verify IDs, assign private blockchain addresses to the voter, and provide a platform to cast votes, which could be cryptocurrency system transactions on the decentralized blockchain.

I am no blockchain expert, but I'll wager that experts can solve this problem. The EU should gather blockchain experts and explore a decentralized secure digital voting system.

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